The “OCEAN FRESH” brand offers fresh and sea water shrimps, processed in all popular forms e.g.

1. Raw or cookes Headless Shell-on block frozen

2. Raw P&D, Pull Vein, block frozen

3. Raw P&D, cut vein, block frozen

4. Raw Semi IQF Head on Shell-on

5. Raw IQF Head-on Shell-on

6. Raw IQF Headless Shell-on

7. Raw Easy peel block frozen

8. Raw Easy peel IQF

9. Raw P&D Tail-on,

10. Raw P&D Tail-on, IQF block frozen

11. Skewer Raw, IQF

12. Raw PUD block frozen

13. Butterfly

14. Blanched/Cooked

15. Cooked easy peel

16. Cooked peeled and deveined tail-on

17. Marinated Product as per buyer requirement

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