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Shrimp is one of the best delicacies in today's world and the premium choice of chefs based on its delicious taste, firm texture and natural colour. We are to source you the right kind of shrimp with optimum taste and premium quality and committed to provide the excellent shrimp; you are looking for your ultimate choice on superior quality.

The best naturally grown shrimps in the world is available in Bangladesh. Plenty of rain and abundant water in the vast flood plains combined with long agricultural background of the population and the world's biggest natural mangrove forest contribute immensely towards the comparative advantage for an age old shrimps firming practices in the fresh and brackish water of the area in the South western part of Bangladesh. Bangladesh produces environment friendly organic shrimp through traditional or extensive culture system, which are very clean, disease free and naturally grown.

The most eco-friendly seawater and fresh water shrimp harvesting grounds encircle our Processing plant. Being only half an hour away from the source of shrimp harvesting area, we have the unique advantage of receiving the most fresh and live shrimps and hence we qualify our name as the Sea Fresh Ltd. It is situated in he city of Khulna, where 70% to 80% shrimps are grown and is also well connected with our second biggest seaport - Mongla by both river and roads.

The plant is built hygienically on a two-storied building with all the state of arts food processing equipment. It is equipped with IQF full line spiral freezer, Plate freezer and blast freezer, central air condition, hot and chill water facilities to arrest any temperature fluctuation. In the last decade our premium export brand, "Ocean Fresh" has earned world wide reputation in the seafood markets of Europe, North America/USA,Russia and Japan.

Our objectives are to provide the finest quality and safe products and maintain ethically stringent standard in business operation, respect the protection of internationally proclaimed human rights, eliminate discrimination and uphold the freedom of association and undertake initiatives to promote greater environmental responsibility.

We strictly adhere to the quality issues which are safety of material, safe water supply, personal hygiene, cross contamination, temperature control, metal detection and upstream traceability. We have a laid down procedure for traceability.

We also fulfill the standards and requirements of US CODEX ELEMENTARIES HACCP and EU on quality and safety issues based on bacteriological quality, contaminants, residues, additives, tracaebility and trade issues like labeling etc. Strict adherence to HACCP system and EU guidelines, Good manufacturing Practices and Sanitation Standard Operating Procedures ensure a uniform product in appearance, flavour, texture, size and weight, most importantly high standard of quality.

Being established in 1994, Sea Fresh Ltd. is one of the first few companies in the country, which pioneered into the export of value added products bearing USFDA and EU approval No. KLN-79. Sea Fresh Limited of Bangladesh is recognized internationally as a leading processor and exporter of seafood premium grade "OCEAN FRESH" Brand .

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