Our Quality


We have in house independent quality control department at the factory headed by the QC manager who is a microbiologist. With a dedicated 60 quality control staff that is well versed in the latest procedures and standards set by the US HACCP and EU regulations. All parameters of quality control are strictly followed in every stages of production. Personal hygiene like dress, apron, mask, netted cap, gumboot etc of all workers and staff is checked in all the entry points and inside working areas including hand washing. Cleaning and sanitation of utensils and equipment and floor are done as per factory cleaning schedule. In complying these requirements, QC department ensures checking of all records like Verification Record, Supplier's lot by lot Certificate, Culture Check, Receiving Raw Material Inspection Report, Critical Control Point Monitoring Record and Corrective Action, Temperature Monitoring, Metal Detector Check, Finished Product Monitoring, daily bacteriological tests and Analysis, Chlorine Monitoring, personal Hygiene of Staff and Workers, Utensil and Equipment, Sanitation Monitoring Report, Chill water and Water Treatment Management Monitoring Report, Pest Control and Rat & Rodent Monitoring etc. If any deviation is found or detected during the process of production by the state of art laboratory, we have inside the factory premises; those are immediately taken care of. We have our own source of water, which is equipped with the machine to reduce the bacteria load.

We are processing shrimps under the HCCAP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point) system and ISO 9002 Quality Management System, accepted by the worldwide shrimp importers.

All the procedures are checked by quality experts to ensure high quality product. Our factory is approved by the EU authorities, USFDA and BRC.The processing operations also have frequent contamination checks. The plant have their own well equipped laboratory to carry out bacteriological tests and analysis on daily basis.

In addition, regular inspection of the plant is conducted by trained inspectors from the Sanitary and Health wing of the Government's Fish Inspection and Quality Control Department.

Finally, every consignment is subject to comprehensive inspection both at the plant and the load port, by Lloyd's / SGS. It is the policy of M/sSea Fresh Ltd., Khulna, Bangladesh to purchase, process, market and exports the Best Quality Fish & Fishery Products consistently, meeting the National, International & Buyer's requirement. To this effect, the Management is committed to implement HACCPbased Quality System and maintain the same to excel in business. The Management is very specific in their approach to keep the establishment clean and hygienic and shall be continuously reviewing the effectiveness ofthe system in the facility.

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